June 25, 2010

Banc Burger

Banc Cafe is just a block away from our studio at work, so yeah, we gals have popped in there from time to time. On one particularly sunny but cool day, a coworker and I grabbed some outdoor seating and enjoyed a nice, leisurely meal. I ordered the sirloin burger. YUMNESS!

I got a green salad on the side instead of fries, and holy moley was it delicious, coated ever-so-lightly with my favorite dressing, red wine vinaigrette. The burger was perfectly medium rare, as I requested, and I ate every delicious, juicy bite of it. And yes, you are seeing sautéed white onion AND fresh, crisp, raw red onion in one fell swoop. I heart onions.

My coworker got the salad with grilled shrimp--doesn't it look marvelous? She was quite happy with it. We both enjoyed the thoughtful presentation of the lemon, wrapped in a sachet/cheesecloth type fabric so you could avoid getting any loose seeds in the salad. I love stuff like that!

Dessert came a-callin' our names in the form of an apple-walnut tart. Yes, please! We split it, and it was more than enough. I love apples, walnuts, and buttery goodness all mixed together. Holy yum..it tasted just as good as it looks. The berries were wonderful, too: juicy, bright, and just tart enough. Another win at Banc!

Banc Cafe
431 3rd Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 252-0146

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