June 27, 2010

Have Burger, Will Travel

Holey moley I have a new favorite burger. I've had it two weekends in a row, and just thinking about how good it is makes me want to hop on the LIRR again. Rockville Centre's Golden Reef Diner does a lot of things well, but right now, nothing beats their Fiesta Burger. I'm trying to be healthier these days so I opted not to get the fries. They're not that good for you, but fries are also a food I can easily skip without feeling deprived.

You know I have that thing with mushrooms, still a little afraid of them and whatnot (fungus!) But I dared to 'when in Rome' it, and it was a delicious payoff. What looks like an INSANE amount of mushrooms for one burger is actually perfect. The burger comes with bed of sautéed (but not burned) onions, Monterey Jack cheese, and I plunked a hefty portion of the chunky, surprisingly flavorful salsa on top. Freaking yum.

ABF tried a bite and liked it so much, I was happy to share even more of my burger. I'm nice like that. ;) Juicy, flavorful, perfectly cooked. This is burger perfection! It was just as good a week later when I went back (though that time they'd sautéed the mushrooms WITH the onions, and it might have been even BETTER!) This is one messy meal, but it is oh-so-freaking-worth it. It's even steps from the Rockville Centre train station (about 30 minutes from Penn Station in NYC), so it's easy access! Win, win, win, win, WIN!

Golden Reef Diner
329 Sunrise Highway
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 764-9274

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Tom K said...

One of the best burgers eva! http://www.yelp.com/biz/juicy-burger-glen-cove especially on Thursdays!

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