May 22, 2011

Chip Shop

After my jaunt to jolly old England (and the awesome Golden Hind) you might think I'd had my fill of fish & chips. Wrong-o!

Jen A invited me to have an early dinner with her and her friend AM on a warm, sunny, mid-May afternoon at the Atlantic Avenue location. Oh, Chip I miss your Bay Ridge outpost. I know there are still 2 others. My trips to the Park Slope were quite frustrating due to either odd-mannered waitstaff or no cherry pie on deck, and I'd given up on them, but Jen convinced me to try the Atlantic location--and meet her friend AM in person for the first time!

I'm always comforted by the sound of various UK-type accents when I go to any Chip Shop--isn't that always a sign that the food is legit?

We started off with some cold drinks: I ordered the Snakebite, a pint of hard cider with a shot of a cider with a shot of something I've already forgotten! Either way, tasty and refreshing. And bring on the foooooood

The 2-sided menu will keep you busy unless you stay focused: we were there for fish and chips! We ordered one plate of fried haddock and chips, and a plate of baked haddock and mashed potatoes. You know, balance is important. ;)

I usually go with the cod, but honestly I'm not sure I could tell much of a difference between the haddock and cod unless I had them side-by-side. I do know this--the plaice is not for me. I tried that once with ABF and was convinced to stick with cod or haddock after that. It seemed too thin and delicate--didn't hold up well.

Sidenote: how pretty is this blue plate?

And I can't go to Chip Shop and NOT get mushy peas. Peas! Which are delicious!!! Someone else didn't like these--I can't remember if it was J or A, but I love these. ABF is a big fan of these, too.

This was my FIRST go at the food--I start out all neat and pretty--but it doesn't end that way, trust me!

Look at that deliciousness! Tasty, crispy/crunchy batter, not too thick, delicious fish inside--I even loove love looooved their citrusy tartar sauce!

Okay, so the baked fish dish doesn't look so super appetizing, but it was tasty!

I checked early to make sure they still had the twice-fried (because once is for pansies) cherry pie--and yes they did! Even though we split the dishes, we were getting full, so we shared one order of this. Honestly, they don't need ALL that powdered sugar on top. I dusted off most of it, because it's really about the crust and the tart cherries inside. YUM. J & A both thought this was too sweet. I almost never think that about a dessert. Their treacle pudding with custard is still my favorite, but it had been too long since I had some cherry pie!

Once again, Chip Shop delivers some delicious food in a fun atmosphere. I love Chip Shop--it's such a treat, and now I know it's worth the trip to Atlantic Avenue!

Chip Shop
129 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 855-7775

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