May 17, 2011

London: Swedish Sundaes

After a filling dinner at the awesome Golden Hind, ABF and I took a long, lovely stroll through the streets of London. We meandered this way and that, sort of heading back to the tube (subway) but not in any direct way. That's one of my favorite ways to explore a city--just meander!

We stopped about 30 minutes later, as the sun was disappearing, and saw an ice cream parlor decked out in Swedish flags (ABF's father's side hails from Sweden). On we went!

Kula had a colorful spread of ice cream flavors, a cappucino machine, and outdoor seating with heat lamps--what more could I need? We ordered a sundae, 2 lattes, and headed outside.

The British artist Banksy designed the specials board for this place (they'd been wiped clean for the next day at this point). I have seen a few of Banksy's works around NYC, so even though he's from the UK, it was like a reminder of home, too.

The sundae had chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and delicious, pulverized hazelnuts on top! This was delicious and just the sweet ending I wanted. Our lattes were creamy and delicious, and kept us warm in the chilly night.

Kula Café
21 James Street
London W1U 1DS
020 7998 1455
Visit their site--click here!

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