May 18, 2011

London: REAL English Muffins : )

Before I came to visit ABF in England, I had heard him wax poetic on how awesome the English muffins are in the UK. I grew up on "English" muffins here in the US, usually Thomas brand, but ABF assured me that the ones across the pond were even better.

I decided to make a breakfast sandwich for myself one morning after ABF had left for work. Ahhh, vacation.

The English muffin looked a little different from the USA version--fewer 'nooks and crannies' and whatnot. When I toasted it, it came out much smoother, almost velour-like.

Something has definitely changed in the UK since my last visit (around 1996). There is a definite surge in pride for all things British--British apples, British eggs, British-baked bread, you name it. I don't remember seeing that advertised quite so much.

After a bite of this breakfast, I can kind of see their point! The yolks were so buttery, rich, golden, delicious. The salty butter, the rasher of bacon, and the creamy eggs all came together on a soft little pillow of scrumptiousness.

So it's true--English muffins really do taste better in England!

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