May 10, 2011

London: Borough Market

Hello, hello, hello! I am back in the States and ready to catch you up on the deliciousness that is London & Paris (and certain points inbetween)!

Several friends recommended I stop by Borough Market on my trip--not far from ABF's temporary work apartment in London. The market is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. That particular Thursday was quite chilly and rainy, and I figured probably not the best day for photos, so I waited for a sunny Friday morning to head over near the London Bridge to see what I could see (and sip and taste and nibble...)

My first stop was Borough Olives, where The two young women running the stall were friendly and inviting, and let me linger over the colorful tubs before I decided on my final pick.

I sampled three different types of briny, juicy olives before settling on some dark, meaty ones, which I brought home to share with ABF. He is quite the olive fiend and was happy to finish these after I left again for home (le sigh).

My next stop was the lovely little Greedy Goat company, a goat-milk ice cream stand tucked away in the right hand corner.

Goat's milk isn't really that big here in America. but I've read several articles citing it as the most popular type of milk in most/the rest of the world. Apparently this ice cream has less fat than that made with cow's milk. Either way, I decided to try some samples....

Raspberry-chilli (they use 2 l's in chili over there)--the heat hit me immediately, then the fruit, but despite my love for raspberry, this didn't ring my bell.

Next, Clotted Cream (that dreamy stuff you spread on your scones), which the man at the counter said really brought out any 'flavor' of the goat milk. Is that a good thing? I tried it, and it was fine! It's nothing like the creamy, tangy goat cheese you may have tried (and which I also love).

But then I heard a woman next to me order the pistachio, and that was it. Boom! One for me, too, please. The server gave me a little extra on top, which was sweet. :)

One bite made me a goat's milk convert. This was smooth and creamy without being too rich. Delicious! Bright, nutty pistachio flavor came right through, and I promise you would never know it was goat's milk, either!

And this was just the beginning of my Borough Market stroll! More tomorrow....

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
London, SE1 1TL

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Alison Chevalier said...

I just love Borough market! I've got a great photo of a brace of rabbits hanging on a wall. Never seen anything like that before in my life. So cool : ) The cheese section there is killer!

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