May 08, 2011

London: The Golden Hind

I wouldn't dare go to England and NOT have some fish & chips. That would be positively blasphemous (in a strictly culinary sense, of course)! Time and again, The Golden Hind came up in the top 5 spots of best Fish & Chips in London. ABF & I were very excited to meet up on Bond Street and make the short walk to this repeat-worthy spot.

The Golden Hind does not have a liquor license, but you can bring your own bottle if you want (and some regulars sitting by us did).

(PS: See that line??? That came AFTER we put our names in. Even with the crowd and the packed restaurant, we only waited 15 minutes for our table. Yay!)

ABF & I, however, were happy to imbibe in some non-alcoholic bubbly: Fanta for me and Diet Coke for him (it always tastes better in the glass bottle, doesn't it??)

ABF went all-out and got the fish, chips, and mushy peas. We both opted for cod (my favorite fish for fish & chips). Doesn't that look yummy?

I'd had a late lunch, so I opted for fish sans chips (c'mon, you KNOW I planned on swiping
sharing some of ABF's, right?) and just a dollop of mushy peas from the ever-generous man of mine.

The breading didn't have a lot of flavor, but it had the.perfect.crunch: not too thick, not soggy at ALL, and it protected the most succulent, delicious fish you can imagine. I was shocked that such a thick portion of fish could still be so juicy. Whatever they're doing, man, are they doing it right!

The owner came by and chatted with us, welcoming us just as warmly as he did his regular table. He was delighted that we were so happy with our meal. ABF explained that he is living there for a while, and I joked that he'll probably see ABF more than once after this visit!

If you are in London and want fantastic food and friendly service--even for non-locals, go here--and then let me know what you think!!

The Golden Hind
73 Marylebone Ln
London W1U 2PN
020 7486 3644

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Golden Hind. The mushy peas were great and the fish was perfect. I should plan on going back. BTW, the neighborhood it is in is really cool as well. Lots of cafes and shops. Excellent spot - get there early. ABF

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