October 07, 2011

Amsterdam: Spanjer & Van Twist

Our first real meal in Amsterdam was after my tour through the Anne Frank House (this is just a food blog, light and happy, but I must say I am still in awe that I stood in the very same spot where Anne Frank and her family and friends hid for 2 years. I touched the bookcase that hid the entry staircase. I was there. Words fail).

Back to the more inane details of life--brunch along a canal!

Spanjer & Van Twist was just a block up from the Frank house and had immediate seating. They had seats and tables inside, but hello! Amsterdam! Gorgeous weather! You bet we picked a spot right along the water! I mean right along the water. It was so neat to see all the boats drift past us (and a swan!) as we ate in the sunshine.

First things first--where's my coffee?

I hadn't had a proper breakfast yet, so I opted for the bacon, egg and cheese on toast, and of course, a coffee. It was melty, salty, crunchy, and exactly what I wanted.

ABF, once again, had his ordering mojo going. He ordered the sandwich on pumpkin bread. My American brain pictured a dense, heavy, sweet loaf, but it turned out to be a light and lovely bread with a hefty sprinkling of pumpkin seeds on the crust.

This was outstanding!

Also yummy? The crunchy little cookie (reminscient of Cookie Crisp cereal) that came with our coffees. A sweet little ending to our lovely, relaxing meal along the water.

Spanjer & Van Twist
Leliegracht 60
1015 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 639 0109

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