October 03, 2011

London: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I spent the first part of my recent UK trip doing girly things with LaShauna (O, the places we did go!), so when it was time to meet up with ABF (yay!) it was time for some manly food: burgers!

We stopped at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, a popular spot in the Canary Wharf undeground. It's a fun, feisty chain restaurant with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. It's also pretty laidback--you order and pay at the back, and then the staff brings your food and drinks pretty quickly.

They offer a bevy of burger choices, so it took us a few minutes to sort through all of our options. We started with some cool drinks on this surprisingly warm September day: Coca-Cola in the bottle for ABF, and an Elderflower Fizz for me--elderflower syrup with fresh mint, lemon and limes--fantastic!

The elderflower soda was sweet, perfumey, and wonderful. I don't know why some things, ie: rose petal, lavender, taste 'soapy' to me, but not elderflower!

I'm a sucker for horseradish, so I ordered the Wellington, a burger with cheddar, thinly-sliced red onions, a heaping pile of rocket/arugula, and slathered in horseradish cream. Mmmm. The burgers come in 2 sizes: regular and smaller. I opted for smaller, especially after the decadence of some of my previous meals! The burger was a bit overcooked, but that horseradish cream--I MUST make some of that at home!

ABF ordered the Avocado Bacon, which is pretty much what it sounds like: avocado & bacon, along with some thinly-sliced red onions, cheese, and a regular-sized burger. The avocado was melt-in-your-mouth ripe, just perfect, and the bacon was crispy and nommable. Man oh MAN was this good. That ABF, he knows just what to order, almost every time!

If you're not into beef, fret not--they also offer chicken sandwiches and veggie options!

We shared a small order of chips (fries to us Yanks)--they were fluffy, light, and pretty decent.

Service was quick and friendly, and if I'd had more time in London I would have definitely gone back to try them again because there were some pretty tempting combinations on that menu. Beets, aged cheddar, pineapple and more on the "Kiwi," habanero peppers and mayo on another, and another one with sweet chili sauce caught my eye, too. I'll say this, though, while the UK might have us topped on eggs and tea, they can't touch our burgers!
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
24 Jubilee Place
City of London E14 5NY, United Kingdom
020 7719 6408

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