December 07, 2011

Briermere Farms: Winter 2011

ABF & I escorted That Sara & her boyfriend Mike to the North Fork for a fun-filled day of eating, drinking, and shopping. Our first stop (after a quick visit to Williams-Sonoma in Riverhead) was Briermere Farms, which is a one-stop shop for all things delicious.

Last year, ABF & I had the caramel apple to end all caramel apples (see that here!), but it turns out this visit we were a week or 2 too late--that season was over. Bummer. There were still plenty of fresh veggies, plants, and oodles of apples available.

Instead of stocking up on pies, we opted for smaller treats, of which there were plenty! It was an almost-overwhelming assortment!

I picked up some pecan puffs, which I know better as Mexican wedding cookies (and they go by a different name for every culture, it seems). These were outstanding--crumbly but not too so, and sweet and nutty. Divine!

I also snagged a pumpkin bite square--it smelled so spicy and heavenly. We all shared some later during our wine tasting at Clovis Point.

Once again, Briermere Farms kills it in the baking department. There is no bad 'season' to visit this spot...and personally, I prefer it in the off-season when the line doesn't stretch all the way across Sound Avenue.

Briermere Farms
4414 Sound Avenue
Riverhead, NY
(631) 722-3931

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