December 09, 2011

Love Lane Kitchen: New Visit!

Love Lane Kitchen has long been a favorite for ABF & me, so we were excited for the chance to bring out That Sara (of NYCNomNom) and her BF, Mike!

We started the day with a tasting at Clovis Point, and a few hours later we made it to LLK for dinner. First up: those delicious dinner rolls!

That Sara has a pepper allergy, and our server was very attentive and took it seriously. She checked on all of our dishes to make sure they were safe for Sara to eat, and she was also correct! Several times I've been out with Sara and we've been assured there are 'no peppers' in a dish, only to find out that there is actually a jalapeno, habanero, bell or other pepper in there after all.

We started with the calamari salad to share, which was deeeelicious. No peppers, lots of flavor! Fresh lemon juice, navy beans, and perfectly cooked calamari. Yum.

You'd think we were sick of wine by this point, but Mike, Sara & I still had room for a chilly glass or two of Gruner Veltliner.

This was light and lovely.

For my entree, I picked the skirt steak. It came with fries and a tasty chimichurri-type sauce. The serving was huge--I shared with everyone and still had leftovers. Tender, tasty, delish. The side salad was perfectly dressed and full of fresh, crispy, delectable veggies.

ABF ordered the stout-glazed short ribs with mashed potatoes. These were melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious.

Sara ordered the pork belly with a soft-boiled egg. This smelled amazing.

Mike ordered the cheeseburger, which I've never had, but which seems to be quite popular.

When dessert time came, I was crushed to find out there was NO. RICE. PUDDING. I should have bowed out gracefully then, but no, I foolishly forged ahead. We all decided to share the pumpkin cheesecake, the chocolate pecan pie, and the apple pie. They were tasty, but I prefer the rice pudding AND I was way, way beyond full at this point. The pumpkin cheesecake was my personal favorite, but everyone enjoyed everything. Pretty much sums up every visit ever to Love Lane Kitchen!

Love Lane Kitchen
240 Love Lane
Mattituck, NY 11952
(631) 298-8989

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