December 08, 2011

Clovis Point: Wine & Cheese with Friends

For our fun-filled day on the North Fork, we took Sara & Mike to Briermere Farms and then Clovis Point! Sara & I had both bought Groupons for a wine & cheese tasting, and it was about to expire. To Clovis Point!

We arrived around 2pm and the joint was hopping! We saw Hal, one of the owners, pouring samples and greeting visitors. He always stops to say hi, and his passion for what he does is clear and makes the place even more welcoming.

We started with the whites, as Clovis Point's steel-barrel Chardonnay is one of my all-time favorite white wines. Mike & Sara enjoyed the oak barrel too, but they are even more fans of Chardonnay than I am. Long story short, everyone of us took home a bottle of Chardonnay.

How gorgeous are these wine glasses? Love.

We hit up the reds as well, including the complex and lovely Archeology blend. Once we had tasted all the wines, we each chose a full glass to take out on the patio with our cheese plate. I chose the Archeology. I would have gone for the Artifact, my all-time favorite there, but they were out. *sniff*

ABF, Sara & Mike all went with the Chardonnay-another great choice!

How's that for a lovely sip and nosh on the outdoor patio?

Almost as soon as we sat down, I knocked over my glass of red. No, I wasn't even tipsy, just klutzy. I did manage to get some on poor Sara's lap, but most of it hit the ground in a red splash resembling a crime scene. Thankfully, the glass didn't break, and the lovely staff more than replenished my glass for me at no extra charge.
I think we all had a lovely time, soaking up the sun's rays, laughing like crazy, and tasting delicious, award-winning wine offered by our hospitable hosts at Clovis Point. ABF & I are always happy to bring friends here for a little break from city life. Once again, a lovely visit...and our day was just getting started!

Clovis Point Winery
1935 Main Rd
Jamesport, NY 11947
(631) 722-4222

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