December 06, 2011

Martha's Vineyard: Water Street Restaurant

On our last morning on Martha's Vineyard, I persuaded (cajoled?) ABF into joining me downstairs at the Harbor View's restaurant, Water Street. The dining area is just gorgeous--white beadboard, dark wood chairs/tables, and a lovely wood floor. We were the only 2 people in there at the time, so we got the primo seat facing out onto the Edgartown Harbor and, of course, the Edgartown lighthouse!

We got tall, stately cups of coffee right off the bat. Smooth and strong--not as strong as State Road, but still good.

My rye toast was delightfully sour and fluffy--hooray!

We each ordered the 2-eggs-any-way breakfast. I got mine poached (of course--have you met me?), with home fries and a sausage patty.

ABF ordered his eggs scrambled, and he also had the home fries & sausage patty. His eggs were expertly-seasoned and fluffy, and we both looooved the home fries! I normally pass on heavy, starchy home fries, but these were great.

My eggs, sadly, were terribly overcooked, as in almost hard-boiled. This is NOT poached. If we hadn't been in a rush to catch our ferry home, I would have done something I rarely ever, EVER do: send them back to the kitchen! We were the only 2 people in the restaurant at the time, and making poached eggs takes three minutes tops, but at that point I didn't want to bother. I ate all the whites and let ABF have the hard yolks (which I just don't like. Bleah).

The view was lovely, the decor was divine, and the home fries were finger-licking-good, but the Water Street restaurant failed to wow me this visit. To be fair, I also didn't give them the chance to fix the mistake, but the clock was ticking. There's always next year!

Water Street at the Harbor View Hotel
131 North Water Street
Edgartown, MA 02539
(508) 627-3761

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Halcyon said...

Looks fancy! Sorry about your eggs. :(

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