October 13, 2010

Briermere Farms

We finally made it back to Briemere Farms! Okay, I made it 'back,' and I took some friends with me.

Years and years ago, my dear friend Eleanor invited my mother and me out to a share house on Shelter Island. On the way, we stopped at Briemere Farms, where we picked up some sunflowers, fresh-made bread, and warm out of the oven pies. I still remember that place, and I've long wanted to return, but it's a good haul out there.

God bless ABF. He played host again and drove his new Prius to escort Jenezuela, her husband, and me out to the North Fork of Long Island. Briermere was our first stop, and even though it was almost closing time, there was still a long, long line out the door, as people queued up for fresh pies and jams, jellies, and breads.

The sign is there to warn you: some varieties sell out fast and furiously. I knew exactly what I was getting: raspberry cream pie! That's what we had years ago, and I remembered a thick, ruby-red, sweet-tart layer of fresh raspberries. ABF ordered peach, another excellent choice!

While we waited for the pies, ABF spotted some caramel apples on the shelf. They're 2.50 each, so he got one and, like the mensch he is, shared it with me. BEST. CARAMEL APPLE. EVERRRRRRRRR. I didn't even think I'd LIKE it. I've had too many caramel apples where the candy layer almost takes out a tooth. This concoction was perfection: soft, buttery caramel with a crunchy layer of nuts, and a crispy, tart Granny Smith apple inside. Outstanding. We are SO getting more of these!

It took me a few days to open up the pie, but when I did, it still looked gorgeous. Check out the sunshine beaming off it! I cut it open and thought it looked like a LOT more cream than I remember--did they add more? I could swear they added more. My first bites weren't quite as I remembered, but it was still soft. I definitely think ABF would not like this one--he's not a big raspberry fan.

The nice thing? This pie gets better every single day. If you're picking one up, give it a day or two before you serve it. Now the flavors have come together nicely--this pie has sweet but not too sweet cream, and the tart bright berries on a super-fresh crust. Win.

The following weekend I tried a tiny piece (tiny! tiny! TINY!) of ABF's peach pie. This was pretty tasty. The fruit was super soft and the crust was perfect. It was also quite pretty. I would have liked maybe some almond extract in it, but that's just my almond addiction doing the talking there. This was a delicious dessert, and I'm sure adding a scoop of Haagen-Dazs vanilla would only make it better.

Go visit!:
Briermere Farms
4414 Sound Ave., Riverhead, NY 11901


alison said...

I would love to visit this place! I'll be making a proper american apple pie for these people in Pembrokeshire. Give them a reason to break out some of that amazing cheddar cheese out. Yes?

LKPheartsfood said...

Yes! And I'm going to try fresh pepper on my next slice of apple pie too--it's my newest flavor obsession!

Diana said...

whoa! everything looks SO delish!

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