October 30, 2010

Roll N Roaster

One of my friend Kelli's favorite spots in Brooklyn is Roll N Roaster. She'd taken me there years before, but I ordered a non-specialty item (the equivalent of going to a steakhouse and ordering fish..yes...I did this!) On our most recent visit, on a freezing cold Saturday night, I did not make the same mistake--I ordered their famed roast beef sandwich, which is just under 5 bucks (most items on their menu are 5 bucks or less!)

Holy tender meat with 'cheez' sauce. This was delicious. I think memories of Arby's over-salted, processed 'meat' turned me off trying the sandwich last time, but this is worlds better than Arby's. This is crazy good. I even liked the bun! I also grabbed some raw onion slices and added them to the sandwich.

We ordered a side of chicken fingers, too, at Kel's insistence. I'm learning to listen to her, and these were oh-so-delicious. Juicy white meat and not too much breading. Yum!

Kel also picked up some fries, which come in coin-shaped pieces and also slathered in 'cheez.' I tried one or two, but these were just okay to me. I'd skip them next time and save room for the sandwich.

My opinion of Roll N Roaster has totally changed... a delicious, affordable stop that is a bit out of the way, but well worth the trip.

Roll N Roaster
2901 Emmons Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 769-6000

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