October 14, 2010

Love Lane Kitchen

Love Lane posted a link to this review on their FB page, and I have a whole slew of new vistors--welcome! Leave a comment, suggestion for a new place to try, or a link to your blog! Feel free to add me to your Google Reader to follow the new posts, or peruse my list of tags (lower right corner of this page) to see what happened before you got here! Hope you'll stick around and become a regular!--LKP

Love Lane has been on my 'list' for years, and I mean years. Even before I met ABF (who lives in Long Island and is always happy to show me around there), I wanted to try Love Lane. They have made a (delicious) name for themselves by featuring fresh, clean flavors and local ingredients. Summer is its crazy season, but as the weather was decidely fall by now, we decided to chance it. At 9pm on a Saturday, after our visit to the awesome Roanoke Vineyards, it was still pretty busy, but we got seats even without reservations. I wouldn't chance a walk-in next time. There was outdoor seating, but it was a bit cold, and a large party next to us was smoking about 10 feet away and upwind of us, so we moved into a smaller area inside. We were just happy to have gotten a table!

We were pretty hungry (seriously, I need to start packing cheese sticks and crackers on me at all times) so we tore into the rolls and butter that came out first. I like that the portions were small so we didn't fill up on bread, we just got our stomachs to quiet down for a bit.

ABF ordered the special (I noticed it was $24 on the menu, but rang up as $25 on the bill--odd), which was supposed to be striped bass but, now that they'd run out of it, was cod. This was exquisitely, perfectly cooked, nestled on a bed of local spinach and polenta. The fish was still moist and tender, and the olives and seasonings were a perfect match. I'm not a polenta fan, but I still thought it was well seasoned and better than most polenta I've tried.

I ordered the garlic and vinegar chicken (also, $21 on the menu, but rang up as $22 on our bill). The first whiff was so unexpectedly strong that for a hot second I thought Oh, dear, I have made a terrible mistake. One bite and all fears vanished into a delicious vapor of tastiness.--even more than the garlic, I tasted the salt and vinegar, and that made my tongue very, very happy. One of my favorite flavors from growing up in New England is the salt and vinegar combo. I cannot be alone with a bag of those chips. The tangy-salty-sacricliious flavor combo is my Kryptonite. THAT is exactly what this chicken reminded me of with every delicious bite.

I also ordered a glass of Paumonok chardonnay with my meal (a reasonable $7), and it was good, but I think I'm just really, really not a chardonnay person. I'll drink them, and they're fine, but I don't especially enjoy them. It's just me, and I don't mean this as a reflection on Paumonok at all.

Jenezuela got the burger with blue cheese ($12). I love burgers, and oh my do I love blue cheese, but for some reason I always balk at ordering them together. Jen gave me a sample and I have to say this was awesome. It wasn't overpowering--it was just enough cheese on top to melt and make it salty and tangy.

Jen's husband, Alex, ordered the chicken soup and the cheeseburger. I hope the soup filled him up, because he didn't eat most of his burger!

I don't remember the prices for desserts--our server recited the dessert menu for us--but I do know they were reasonably priced. True, I could easily have stopped with dinner, but Jen and I had seen the pumpkin cheesecake earlier (huuuuuuge slices of cheesecake), and we split that. The slice we got didn't seem as gargantuan as the ones we'd seen earlier....or my hunger was influencing my vision then, but it was still plenty for us. It tasted like a very light pumpkin pie.

ABF ordered the rice pudding, which came in a very generous serving. This was perfect. Not mushy, still had some bite to it, creamy and vanilla-y and yum. If I had to choose between the cheesecake and the rice pudding, I'd pick the pudding. I can't believe I just typed that...but it's true.

We all got cappuccinos (decaf for Jen & me, leaded for the men, all around $4). These rich, robust coffees were painstakingly prepared and powerfully strong...even the decaf! And the lovely foam was decadent all on its own...the designs were a great touch, too. Everything here is made with thought, care, and mouth-watering ingredients... I can't wait to come back here again!

Love Lane Kitchen
240 Love Lane
Mattituck, NY 11952

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