October 22, 2010

Tai Thai

Once again, CPZ has shared another amazing find in NYC: cheap and delicious Thai! We met one incredibly rainy day for an early dinner (I get up at 4am, so the Early Bird Special is just about right these days). Tai Thai is a tiny (thai-ny?) little spot near 1st street and 1st Avenue, and their prices are so low I triple-checked the menu.

First of all, their house wines are $2.50. No, I didn't leave out a "1." Two dollars and fifty cents. So hell yes I had a glass of red! It was nice, full-bodied and smooth, a great match with the upcoming dishes. Carlota ordered the white, but I'm not sure what she thought of it.

I started off with one of my favorites--Tom Yum soup--a spicy red broth with bits of chicken, peppers, straw mushrooms and more. This was steaming hot and so delicious. A bit salty but yummily so. And $3.50!!!!!

Carlota ordered the tofu and veggie pad thai ($8.50). Doesn't it look bright and fresh? That's exactly how it tasted--delicious. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

I ordered the green papaya salad, which is a favorite dish of ours at another CPZ find, Pho. This one comes without meat, but was still yummy. The crunchy peanuts were a nice add, and I knew ABF would love this dish (which he did, 2 weeks later, when he & I stopped in for another early dinner! Two weeks later, it was also EXPLODING with garlic--wow. My mouth was on FIRE.)

We weren't ready to go yet, and we were still a little hungry, so we opted for the coconut pudding. These were adorable, tiny servings, just a bite or two. The dishes were barely bigger than a silver dollar, but it's just enough sweet to end a delicious meal.

When I went with ABF, I noticed Tai Thai also has a ridiculously low corkage fee if you'd like to BYOB. Either way, enjoy your meal and make sure to tip well--their servers are lovely and attentive, and they bring your food out fast!

Tai Thai
78 E 1st St
New York, NY 10009-7951
(212) 777-2552


Halcyon said...

$35 for dinner in NYC is a bargain... esp if the food is good! Will put this on my list of places to check out next time I'm there. :)

Christo Gonzales said...

this place is a real find - I think I am going to check it out...

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