October 07, 2010

Bill's Bar & Burger

It's rare that I hit a new place shortly after it opens. I like to let the buzz die down, crowds thin out, and kinks get worked out ahead of time. But when ABF was in my building for a work meeting, we took a chance and a short walk over to Bill's Bar & Burger. This place is HUGE! Two floors, expansive seating. As expected, it was packed. The wait for a table was 25-30 minutes, but we were happy to see we could get an immediate seat at the bar.

We sat right at the tap--this will come up later, and not in a good way. You can see ABF's and my reflection in this shot--he was looking super sharp in his suit and tie! Our server was friendly, but a little too so for my taste. He was very buddy-buddy, and I get that you work for tips and all, but to me it's a little off-putting to have someone trying so hard to act like my new best friend.

I noticed that he was thoughtful (?) enough to put my Blackberry in a glass so it wouldn't get dirty on the bar, so his reaction to what happened at the end of our visit was especially confusing. But back to the food....

I had read reviews of Bob's already, and I knew exactly what I was getting: the bobcat. Monterey Jack cheese and freshly-sliced jalapenos? Yes, please! This was just the right amount of heat--okay, maybe I would have liked one or two more jalapenos, but I'd rather go that way than have it so searingly hot you taste nothing!

ABF ordered the mushroom & swiss with red onions.

Both our burgers came out in less than 10 minutes. They smelled wonderful, and came with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.

We ordered fries, but our server didn't hear us the first time, so we asked again when our burgers arrived. They also came out quickly and were piping hot. Bill's makes their own ketchup, and it is awesome. I hate how sugary ketchup usually is--this is more tangy and vinegary, and I just loved it. I loved it so much I completely forgot about putting malt vinegar on my fries.

We also each had a beer--I was going to get a wine, but the server poured me a taste of Sam Adams' Oktoberfest. Much to my surprise, I loved this (and I'm not a big beer person). A pint is too much for me, but the server helpfully suggested I get a small glass (maybe half a pint?) This was the perfect size for me.

ABF got Blue Point Ale, which he's always talking about trying but hadn't yet (it's bottled nearby in Long Island).This was good, but the aftertaste was a bit malty for me.

Our meal was good and we were just taking a moment before leaving when 'the incident' happened. Our server was filling a pitcher with beer (Pitcher O' Doom pictured to the left) when apparently he tapped out the keg and beer went EVERYWHERE, including all over my face, hair and shirt. It was just a spray, not a wave, but it was a lot. I sat there in shock for a second or two, and then my server said "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry." And that's it. Didn't offer me a napkin, didn't bring me a glass of water to dab my shirt. Another server (female) brought us white napkins and some seltzer, and warned us NOT to use the standard black napkins because they would bleed onto my shirt. Our server said again "You have NO idea how awful I feel." I was thinking You're right-- a little help here? I mean, really? You douse a customer in beer and the most you do is cringe and then keep pouring? Fortunately I had a sweater, so after ABF helped me clean myself up (hair, face, shirt, back of my seat), I put that on and we left.

Despite my beer bath, these burgers were delicious, served quickly, and reasonably priced. I would absolutely go back here--I just wouldn't sit anywhere near the tap.

The best part of the adventure? Getting to spend some extra quality time with my Awesome Boyfriend--I'm so glad his meeting brought him to midtown!


Kate said...

Hi Elizabeth - I got the book today! It's been all I can do to keep working on this huge asset allocation and NOT sit down and read it cover to cover. OHMG - what gorgeous photography. And, the couple of recipes I've peeked at have been incredible. Thank you so much!!!! Kate

LKPheartsfood said...

Hi, Kate! I do love comments, but I think you have the wrong blog--I'm not Elizabeth!! :)

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