October 25, 2010

Vintry Wine & Whiskey

Fellow bridesmaid (from Jen's wedding) and friend Laura suggested a girl's night out one random Monday, and the bridesmaids and the bride all gathered in Fidi at a new spot: Vintry Wine & Whisky.

We had no idea where to start with the wines, so first we ordered a cheese plate featuring three of my favorites: Valdeon, Humboldt Fog, and Manchego. Delish.

We also got the shrimp-chorizo skewers--these came with 5 to a plate and were quite tasty.

We could easily have ordered another round but we wanted to save room for our wines--they offer tastings in ounces--from 2 oz tastings to 6 oz servings. I tried 3 different wines (French and Italian reds) and enjoyed every single one. Our server was excellent with her recommendations--she knew the selection backwards and forwards and really helped us pick delicious fits for each palate.

The showstopper, however, much to my surprise: The Kobe Sliders. I was skeptical that it would be worth the $12 price tag, but oh my word, YES. The server even cut it into quarters for us so we could each have a piece.

And we ordered 2 of these. Actually, we ordered 3, but I passed on the third round. Oh my word you have to get this! Don't let my mediocre photo deter you--these are meltingly scrumptious! They also came with house-made waffle chips, which were pretty tasty.

After that salty food, we wanted a little something sweet, but didn't have a lot of room left in our stomachs. Their house-made truffles were the perfect fit. They came with three flavors: pistachio (see the first photo in this post), coconut, and Grand Marnier. The GM was my favorite, but they were all good, even the coconut (which is not normally my favorite--a texture thing, mainly).

The outside scene at Stone Street was bustling, noisy, and unfortunately, smokey (gah I hate cigarette smoke!), but inside Vintry it was quiet, serene, and welcoming. This is absolutely a great place for a date, girls' night, or any other gathering where you want to enjoy delicious food, excellent service, impressive drinks, and actually have a conversation! I will put this one on 'repeat' for sure...and bring ABF with me!

Vintry Wine & Whiskey
57 Stone St, New York, NY 10004
(212) 480-9800

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