October 31, 2010

Ted's for Happy (?) Hour

Oh, Ted's. Why can't you just let me love you? I want to love you. But your service. Dear God, your service. Why does it always suck? Gah. It sucks so bad that once we actually walked out. We left money for our bill and maybe even a dollar tip, but the server (who ignored us for 30 minutes, then brought us a drink and ignored us for ANOTHER 30 minutes, all while serving tables around us) literally chased us out the door and asked if we were going to pay our bill. We informed her that we left cash on the table. Gah. And swore amongst ourselves never to return.

But we are suckers for a good happy hour deal, and Ted's has that. Buffalo chili nachos for 5 dollars? It's no joke. We ordered the chili on the side as one of our friends is a pescatarian who doesn't eat red meat. These were delicious. We might have licked the plate.

Ted's also offers $5 dollar margaritas (PASS ON THESE), $5 dollar sangria in red and white (both are delicious) and $5 dollar wines from 3-8pm, which is perfect for people (like me) whose workdays end way before 5!

Also on the Happy Hour menu is their $4 dollar chips and dip. They make their own potato chips and serve a zingy ranch-onion type dip. I'm not normally a fan of these dips, but this was pretty tasty and awfully affordable! Also? Gone in minutes.

Ted's Montana Grill
110 West 51st Street at Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10020
P: 212-245-5220

1 comment:

Halcyon said...

Sounds like an affordable place. Sorry about the service. At least you didn't find a dead cat in the parking lot next to your car!

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