October 01, 2010

Starbucks VIA

I'm not usually one to jump on a new thing right away--I like to let other people be the guinea pigs whilst the engineers of said 'thing' work out the inevitable kinks. When it came to Starbucks VIA, which is basically instant coffee mix, I was in no rush to hurry there. While I love a good caramel macchiato or peppermint latte (my love!), I often find Starbucks' drip coffee to be too bitter for me.

My friend and coworker Mel had some instant iced on hand today, and as it was a Friday afternoon and we both needed a pick-us-up-already boost, I decided to try some with her (so nice of her to share!)

It looks just like iced tea mix.My one suggestion would be to make the opening in the pouch a little bigger--the default setting is a bit too narrow, and I had to really shake to get it all into the cup. Not a dealbreaker, though.

I don't normally sweeten my coffee (just some half and half or 2% and we're all set, thanks), but this was surprisingly delicious all around. It wasn't too intense, it wasn't too sweet, and it was already cool, so I didn't even bother with ice cubes (the cubed version seen here is Mel's)! This got two thumbs up from me. We get free coffee at work (hallelujah!), so I don't know if I'd go out of my way for this, but if you love Starbucks, I think this would be a great something to pop in your purse (or man satchel or glove compartment) and have on the go.

Thanks again for sharing, Mel!

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