October 06, 2010

The Modern at MOMA: Part 2

Round two of our crazy delicious food and wine at The Modern started with duck breast. I am loving duck more and more these days. We shared this platter, which came with an amazing truffle sauce on the side. The duck was perfectly cooked, medium-rare per the chef's recommendation, and I alternated between plain bites and bites soaked generously in the scrumptious sauce.

The star of this dish? The apples! Peppercorn-crusted apples. Holy amazing food, Batman. I ate these slowly, bit by incredible bit, because they were just. that. good. I wanted a bushel of these apples. Sweet, intense, peppery, tart, crisp, PERFECT. Weeks down the road I still remember these. I'm totally putting some fresh-cracked black pepper on my next slice of apple pie.

And you can bet that Belinda Chang sent us another stellar round of wines--whites this time. Oh, the luxury.

From L-R you'll see: Marquis Philips' Edelzwicker from Victoria Australia, The Domaine Zind Humbrecht Pinot d'Alsace, and the Dirler-Cadé Pinot Gris Schwarzberg 2005, another dry but fruity offering.

I'm no wine expert so I won't embarrass myself any further except to say they were ALL excellent, and the Zind Humbrecht was easily my favorite--this tasted like dry apricots, but wasn't super sweet.

And though we should have declined, we gladly ordered dessert, too. Patty went for the rich sliver of dense, decadent chocolate cake.

I ordered the sundae based on one single ingredient: chestnut ice cream! This sounded amazing. It also had Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream, but I didn't even focus on that. However, I found the Bailey's was by far the more delicious flavor. And seriously? Amazing. This ice cream was almost enough to bring me to tears. Tears of happiness.

Patty also opted for a beautifully-crafted cappuccino, but I passed. At that point, the thought of eating or drinking anything else seemed a dangerous idea. Although if they'd brought me more of that Bailey's ice cream I would have surely found a way to finish every drop of it.

This was truly one of the most amazing meals I've ever been blessed to eat, and Patty and I can't thank Belinda Chang and the Modern staff enough for their warm welcome, their stellar service, and their impeccable, eatable, praiseworthy food. Thank you!

Disclaimer: While we did receive several complimentary glasses of wine, Patty & I paid for our meal and tipped generously. I was in no way required to review this restaurant, and all opinions in this post are my own.

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for you to finish reviewing this meal...and a fine finish indeed....yum, yum, yum.

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