October 27, 2010

Gemini Diner

You can't beat NYC diners for cheap, delicious breakfasts. Little did we know we'd also find a fabulous dessert...but first..the savory stuff!

My colleague Emily and I traipsed over to the Gemini Diner on 2nd Avenue, not too far from work. We are early risers, so we don't always have a good breakfast before we get to our studio. This particular day we wanted eggs, and we wanted them ASAP.

We each ordered a breakfast special, which was 4.95, and came with a complimentary shot of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Yummy!

It was cold, too, so I ordered some cocoa, which was your basic diner cocoa. I wish it came with whipped cream--but I'll just have to make sure I request it next time.

I got my eggs scrambled with home fries, even though I'm not really a home fries person (unless I'm making THESE nommable bites!) Some hot rye toast on the side and I was a happy camper. I didn't really bother with the home fries beyond a bite or two.

Em ordered the sunnyside up eggs with home fries, and she seemed to enjoy the dish.

But the real reason we came was the bread pudding. We ordered it at the end of our meal, and got our hopes up, having heard it was extremely delicious. I have to be honest--I was quite skeptical that 'bread pudding' would be scrumptious. I almost never order it if I can help it. I was picturing stale chunks of bread with raisins and a weak sauce...but I was so wrong. Instead we got the most delicious hunk o' bread that was soaked in custardy goodness. This was insanely delicious. It was a lot more like tres leches cake than the chunky, unappealing bread pudding I was expecting.

We devoured this almost to the end, but even we couldn't finish it. This huge serving was $4 dollars, and more than enough for two people. Weeks later, we are still talking about this bread pudding...and planning our next trip back there.

Gemini Diner
641 2nd Ave # 1 (near 35th Street)
New York, NY
(212) 532-2143

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