October 06, 2010

Savoring the Summer

An hour or two before the Scotch tasting, I meandered through a favorite place: the Union Square Greenmarket. Doing my best to avoid the INORDINATE number of bees (people were actually getting stung while shopping for grapes!), I found myself drawn to a colorful display of cherry tomatoes. They had samples out, and I figured these had to be the ones Sara had raved about a few weeks ago. They were supposed to be 3 dollars a pint, but I realized they actually charged me 4--oh well. Still worth it.

Cheery, sunny, delicious bites of summery goodness--so worth it. I know summer's in the rearview mirror, but you wouldn't know it from taking a bite of these babies. They never even made it into a salad--I just kept popping them all day long as a snack. DELISH!

1 comment:

Axelrod said...

I just picked more up today! They aren't quite as good as that first batch, but they are oh so yummy!

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