July 27, 2012

Foto Friday: My (Surprising?) Weakness!

I'm linking in to Foto Friday, featured on my friend Christy O's blog (visit her here!) Feel free to join in on the fun yourself--just leave a link to your post in my comments and visit the other links, too! And visits to my FB page are always welcome, too!

True, I live in NYC with a worrrrrrrrld of dessert options around me: painstakingly-prepared pastries, luscious layer cakes, cookies and puddings and custards and ice creams-- you name it. And true, I can even bake my OWN damn cake and THAT will be sublime! These treats are all tasty and I enjoy every bite, but when it comes to the plain old sheet cake at D'Agostino's (yes, the grocery store chain in NYC), I am powerless to resist. There is something about the fluffiness of the cake and the killer frosting that sucks me in and has me craving it randomly all year long.

A friend of mine shares this obsession and often has these cakes for her birthday parties. When we worked together, we did our best to make THESE the cakes at office parties (mwah ha haaa). I love this friend and would come to the party anyway, but I won't lie--I definitely put the cake at motivating factor #2!

Damn you, D'Agostino's...why are your cakes so TASTY!?!?!?

Is there a weird, not-homemade dessert or snack that makes you weak in the knees/tastebuds???


christieo said...

YES! There is a cake at our store (Publix) called Raspberry Elegance. It has its own Facebook page which makes me laugh but I'm a fan. The FROSTING MY GOD THE FROSTING! And then when you eat it cold!? it's unbelievable seriously. I lust over it. I feel your pain. LOL!!!! I'm so glad you linked up!!!!!

LKPheartsfood said...

You can TRUST that the next time I find a Publix, I am tracking down that cake! I live for raspberries, and 'elegance?' Fantastic!!!

Brooke said...

cupcakes get me every time!

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