July 10, 2012

Levain: Cookie Nirvana

If you're in and around NYC, you've no doubt heard the praises heaped upon French bakery outpost Levain Bakery (original store is on the Upper West Side, a Harlem location and another one on Montauk highway out east). You may have heard of them even outside of my fine city, because these are some famous, fabulous treats. Levain's cookies are consistently called some of the best. Want to know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE.

I was lucky enough to have a gracious guest appear on one of the radio shows I produce, and when the host and I expressed our fondness for the chocolate chip cookies made on the premises here, I think the guest took it upon herself to bless us with a delivery straight from Levain. The cookies were STILL WARM when they arrived.

The flagship cookie is the walnut-chocolate chip. Do you see how huge these mounds of cookies are? There are heavy with the richest of ingredients-- no skimpy cookies here! There was an ENTIRE walnut half in mine (you can see it here in the cross-section!) and so much flavor--rich vanilla, melty, buttery chocolate, and fluffy, chewy bits of cookieness.

I also had a few nibbles of the chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips. This, heaven help me, was too rich for me. Maybe with a cold glass of milk I could manage more, but it didn't come close to the nommable cookie that is their walnut/chocolate chip!

There are a lot of 'best of' titles thrown around in this delicious city of mine, but this is one 'best of' I truly believe earns the title. If you're anywhere near a store, line up and try to snag one fresh from the oven..then let me know what you think!

Levain Bakery

167 West 74th Street

New York, NY 10023

(212) 874-6080

Check out their website for other locations and online orders!

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