September 28, 2011

London: Oddono's Gelati

Immediately after our Thai dinner, LaShauna and I stepped outside in the cool night air to peruse our dessert options. We didn't have to go far..Oddono's is literally across the street from Bangkok restaurant.

A lot of gelato places use a pre-made base to make their flavors, but Oddono's claim to fame is making each flavor from scratch...and man, can you taste a difference!

We sampled a few flavors--raspberry, valhrona chocolate, espresso, but I finally settled on Valhrona chocolate and Madagascar vanilla. I don't normally stop in my tracks for plain old vanilla, but this version? Homina homina.

It had rained for a few hours earlier in the day but we still snagged outside seats and enjoyed our treats--the (size small) cups might look big, but they're shallow. It's enough of a serving to be happy, but not so much that you feel gross afterwards.

LaShauna got the peanut butter and cookies and creme flavors.

If I had tried the peanut butter flavor, I would SO have gone with that. It was the deepest, richest, most nommable peanut flavor I've ever savored. If I ever make it back there, I'll be mixing the Valhrona chocolate and peanut butter for SURE.

If you see an Oddono's Gelato, stop in! It's a taste of Italy no matter where you are! And at around 5 dollars for 2 scoops, it's a delicious deal. And make the peanut butter at least ONE of your flavors :)

Oddono's Gelato
14 Bute Street
London SW7 3EX, United Kingdom
020 7052 0732

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