September 22, 2011

Long Island Vodka

I took a tour with a friend through the North Fork area recently, and the final stop was LIV (rhymes with five), or Long Island Vodka. It's right next door to Baiting Hollow Farms Vineyard, and while ABF and I have driven by it a number of times, we never stopped in to visit.

As soon as ABF is back from London, I'll be bringing him by, believe that!

LIV is Long Island's first craft distillery. They make their own vodka from locally-grown potatoes (the fields are right behind the building). There is the plain version, but there are also fruit-infused versions, which is what we tried that day.

We tried the strawberry first--I like strawberry okay. I'd rather have fresh strawberries than strawberry-flavored anything. Except, perhaps, for THIS. Holy mouth explosion of fruit flavor! This tasted like ice cold liquid strawberries..and nothing else. No burn, no sting, just fresh fruit flavor. WOW.

Seriously. The strawberry. Wow.

That was an excellent start-- we moved on to the lemon. This was like limoncello without the bite. Smooth, mellow, citrus sunshine.

Up next, my friend and I diverged--she tried the lime and I opted for raspberry, one of my favorite, favorite, favorite flavors.

This was equally awesome--imagine the freshest, fullest raspberry flavor and then put that flavor on some serious ice. YUM.

I immediately decided I'd bring home the raspberry AND the lemon, while my friend took a strawberry and a lemon.

With a bulk discount, we got them for $20 a bottle. It's definitely worth it--a little goes a long way, and my goodness is it fabulously flavorful. I can't wait to go back out and get some more!

Long Island Spirits
2180 Sound Ave
Calverton, NY 11933

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