September 30, 2011

London: Dim Sum at Harrod's

Harrod's Department Store is a must-visit for tourists to London. It is like a city on its own, bursting with fashion, food, and people-watching like nobody's business!

It can be a little overwhelming with all of the food options, from pizza restaurants to ice cream parlors. We went into a main area of the food hall and spotted 2 seats at Mango Tree, the dim sum spot.
We got there just as the kitchen was closing (around 5, I think, on a Sunday afternoon)--so if you want dim sum, get there early!

We started with fresh for me, passionfruit for LaShauna. It was a large serving but very expensive! It was about 9 dollars when you work out the conversion rates. I'm not sure any juice is THAT good, but it was delicious.

We ordered 3 dishes: vegetarian spring rolls, chicken dumplings and pork dumplings.

The spring rolls were beautiful AND tasty. They were crunchy, delicious, not greasy. Yum!

The chicken seemed to be pretty popular among our fellow eaters. They have a healthy dose of ginger--deeeelicious and my favorite bite of the evening.

The pork dumplings were just okay. I would skip these next time around and either try something new, or get MORE chicken dumplings! Okay, I'd probably do both. Those chicken dumplings are GOOD. No, they're REALLY good. Not cheap, but really, really good. Skip the juice and save yourself some money---and get the chicken dumplings already!
87-135 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge, Greater London SW1X 7XL
020 7730 1234

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