September 13, 2011

Midtown Find: 48 Lounge

It can be tough to find a good Happy Hour spot in Midtown--you have a lot of (seriously overpriced) chains and sloppy frat boy spots, but a nice post-work spot that has plenty of space? Tough to come by, so when you do find it, you want to spread the word!

48 Lounge is in the same building as our office, but it took Mel & me forever to get here. We sat at the shiny bar just before 5 on a Wednesday and checked out their menu. We both decided to order the LoJito ($14), a lower-calorie version of the Mojito (a favorite of LKP's!) made with fresh raspberries, lime, white rum, & agave nectar. $14 is more than I normally like to pay for a cocktail, but we wanted someplace close and quick---bingo!
Now, I don't normally mess with the original mojito, and I wasn't expecting much, but holy COW this Lojito was delicious. So delicious, we had 2! Splurge much? :)

We also ordered the spinach-artichoke dip ($11), a pretty safe go-to when you're not ready for dinner but way past lunch. We were both impressed at how fresh this was. Chunks of deep green spinach and savory artichoke--and it wasn't an oily, mayonaisse-y mess. It was light, delicious, with just enough salty cheese on top, and the garlicky toasts that went with it were outstanding.

Mel & I couldn't help noticing that there were more and more people showing up--most of them men. Helllooooo, ladies! Delicious drinks, dip, and mobs of well-dressed men? Yes please!

48 Lounge NYC
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
(212) 554-4848

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Christy said...

I keep wanting to try this place, but haven't yet. Glad to hear your excellent review!

PS, I believe that if we show building ID we get 10% off the bill. At least I saw rumor of that on the intranet a while ago. I hope it still applies!

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