September 13, 2010

La Frieda @ LaGuardia

It's been a while since I had time to chill at LaGuardia airport, but ABF & I arrived super early for our Florida flight. Getting to the airport can be hard work, but on this day it was surprisingly easy. We sailed right through security and had time for a leisurely bite before our plane left for Florida.

We got up to the counter and it took us a few seconds to figure out that it was a self-service counter. A touchscreen takes you through the steps of picking out the burger size, condiments, and sides, then adds it all up for you. The screen was a little tricky--press too hard and it wouldn't register-- you had to verrrry lightly press it. It was also a bit confusing when it came time to order drinks. We had to cancel our first order when it suddenly 'finished' and we weren't ready. They need more signage or more people on hand to explain it, especially to people on the move!

I ordered the single patty with pickles, onions, cheddar cheese and mustard. The pickles were crisp and thickly-cut, there was a beautiful layer of finely sliced red onion. ABF's burger had a slice of yummy, smoked mozzarella on it. Both burgers were juicy and delicious. I've ordered Pat LaFrieda meats before via, but this was my first time to try it outside of home!

ABF also ordered some onion rings..these were mostly meh. Good-sized slices of onions, but the breading was bland and a bit soggy.

Also disappointing? The coffee shake I undulged in. It was more like coffee MILK, very liquidy and darn near completely melted. It was also very weak in the flavor department. It also cost as much as my burger (5.50!!!) and was so not as worth it.

Overall, the burgers were delicious and absolutely warrant a visit. My burger cost just under 6 dollars, which isn't dollar-menu cheap, but an excellent deal for how delicious and filling it was. Just skip the sides and stick to water or soda (if that's your thing). Definitely stop by if you're at LaGuardia!

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