September 03, 2010

Fresh Direct (New) Favorites

I constantly sing the praises of, and they are one of my go-to sources for great produce. While I love Trader Joe's, their produce section can still be a bit pared-down for my liking, so I find the two are a perfect pair. picks out better produce than I could ever hope to find, and the 2 times I've been unhappy with certain items they quickly credited my account.

I tried 2 new items recently that I think are worth a blog post--the peach-raspberry pie and the 500-calorie-or-less roast chicken!

Life is short: dessert first. First of all, I constantly need to brush up on my dimensions. The pie is a 6-inch pie, which about 3 inches smaller than average. This isn't a bad thing, but I just never seem to adjust my expectations properly. This looked teeny-tiny when I unpacked it that night, but it is more than enough for a small dinner party, or to last a few people over a few days.

My only suggestion (not a complaint, just a suggestion!) would be to add MORE raspberries--right now it's more of a peach pie with raspberries. I can't get enough of those gorgeous, sweet-tart berries! Warm up the pie and add a dollop of (rapidly-melting next to the piping-hot pie) Haagen Dazs and I daresay you have a spectacular dish on your hands.

The other favorite I have is their roasted chicken meal that's under the "Smart & Simple" label--the meals are 500 calories or fewer and good for you! This one is ridiculously yummy. I looked at it and thought "How did they make a meal that tastes homecooked in this 4-minute microwave pack!?" Who cares how they did it! It's DELICIOUS!

Granted, it doesn't look like much on camera, but it tastes like Sunday dinner. Pattypan squash, super-fresh carrots, pearl onions, and crisp-tender green beans all in a savory sauce over moist roast chicken. Add this to the favorites list!

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