September 15, 2010

Favorite Flavor

I absolutely love, love, love black raspberry ice cream. I think it's a decidedly New England flavor, as it's tough to find elsewhere. It's definitely getting better, but still not an easy find. I found it in Florida, of all places, when ABF, Dad, Bobbie & I hit Bentley's Homemade Ice Cream in Nokomis, Florida---just over the bridge from Casey Key. Apparently the owner makes all of his own ice cream and gelato flavors--you could even buy pints of it.

I tried a flavor of gelato before deciding on what I knew all along I really wanted: BLACK RASPBERRY!

ABF opted on an ice cream sundae with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, chocolate syrup and chopped peanuts. This was yummy, too, but I did not have order envy this go-round.

My ice cream? Totally worth it. And in a sugar cone? Well, I might as well be a kid on the beach in Cape Cod all over again. And for a few minutes, it kind of felt like I was.

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We are not Martha said...

ooh i think you're right about the black raspberry thing! i live in boston and have never ordered it in my travels outside of new england! very interesting. my favorite flavor is called Deep Purple Cow from Emack and Bolios. it's black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips and blueberries. for real, heavenly! [chels]

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