September 27, 2010

Peter Pan Donuts

While walking through Greenpoint with Jen & Tom, I found them leading me towards Peter Pan Donuts. Tom was a bit annoyed that his favorite donut spot had gained some recent fame thanks to a certain celebrity (*cough* Tina Fey *cough*) who proclaimed this spot her favorite donut outlet.

It was late and most of the donuts were gone by the time we got there, but I figured it was still worth checking out, right? DONUTS!

Peter Pan looks super old-timey, but what you get you first is the smell. The warm, wonderful smell of freshly-baked deliciousness.

There are lots of frosted beauties in the window, but everyone: Jen, Tom, and the unexpectedly friendly, though low-key, server told me I had to get the cream chocolate sprinkle donut. Okay!

This multi-colored creation caught my eye, too, so that came home with me.

And finally, Jen is a fan of the red velvet, but this one didn't have the customary glaze. I opted to try it anyway.

After our feast at the Polish restaurant, I had absolutely no room for donuts, so these had to wait for the next day.

I did a cross-section of the cream filled chocolate sprinkle, and holy FILLING Batman! Look at that!

Oh yeah, this was good. A soft, pillowy donut with a hefty amount of filling. The filling is like a cross between frosting and whipped cream. It's got some texture and some weight to it, but it's not heavy. Oh no, my friends. This is all too easy to eat. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these donuts are NOT sicky-sweet, either. Just sweet enough!

The red velvet looked gorgeous, but tasted like any other cake donut to me. I have a feeling the glaze is key.

And I'll be honest. This last one? Creeped me out. Yes, the chocolate icing is delicious and the donut is soft and fresh, but that fruit topping is the WORST. The strawberries are...rubbery. You know that canned fruit that's just a bit too...chewy? I can't deal with that. I got halfway through a bite and made the "Oh gah NO" sound. Ick ick ICK. It's a texture thing. Some folks might LOVE that kind of fruit filling. I cannot abide it! I'll be sticking with the cream chocolate sprinkle.

My overall thoughts? These are very, very good donuts: fresh, delicious, and tasty, but I'm not ready to call them the best donuts ever...yet. I think I need to go back in the morning when they're super fresh, and I can linger at the counter with a hot cup of coffee, too. Hear that, Jen? That's me inviting myself back to your neighborhood!! :)

Peter Pan Donuts

727 Manhattan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222

(718) 389-3676

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