September 02, 2010

Sliders & Shakes

Another deal lured ABF and yours truly out to the Financial District this week. offered 3 mini sliders and 3 mini milkshakes for 15 bucks a person. Did I mention the milkshakes are spiked??

ABF and I rolled up after work the other night and found ourselves the only people eating. A small group was at the bar, but otherwise the place was ours! We sat by the window and chatted after placing our order. It took a good 30 minutes for the food to arrive, but it was worth the wait.

The burgers were their standard burger, the Big Kahuna (bacon and avocado), and the Subprime, a sirloin slider smothered in mushrooms and a spicy sauce.

When the burgers first came out, I thought they were so small that there was no way we'd fill up on these. They're actually quite filling..each burger was a few bites' worth, with yummy char, delicious flavor, and awesome toppings that made each one stand out. I favored the original Shoppe burger, while ABF liked the Big Kahuna the best. While I loooove avocado, I'm not a fan of it when it gets warm. I still liked all 3 burgers, I just liked the original the best.

Please note how huge the 'mini' milkshakes are. What? I was picturing a tall shot glass-sized portion for each one. Boy, was I wrong! They were more like HALF the size of a regular milkshake. From L-R they were: banana spiked with rum, chocolate spiked with Guinness, and vanilla spiked with single-malt Scotch. Yes, please! The alcohol flavors were perfectly balanced--enough to give you a taste, but not so overpowering that it was all you could notice. Well done!

I mean seriously, this is a mini-shake?? I'm not complaining though--these were delicious. Surprisingly, I liked the Guinness version the least, and not so surprisingly, loooooved the Scotch sampler. The banana rum was surprisingly delicious, too. I think even ABF was happily surprised at the yumminess.

My overall thoughts? It was worth it at the sale price of 15pp, but I probably wouldn't have coughed up the original 24pp. However, I would absolutely go back for that Scotch milkshake!!

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