September 22, 2010

Florida Food

Wrapping up ABF's and my quick trip to Florida--we stopped one night at Cosimo's Grill, a favorite of the Parkers. Dad & Bobbie raved about the Cobb salad, so after browsing the huuuuge menu, I decided on that myself. This salad is HUGE! Huge! And delicious! Crazygooddelicious.

ABF settled on the pizza with meatballs, red peppers and ricotta and I didn't say anything at the time, but I thought 'wow! risktaker!' I mean come on...we come from NYC. Ordering pizza anywhere but, say, Italy, is a bit of a risk. However, he LOVED it, and was searching for Cosimo's in our area as soon as we got home. :)

Our last night in Florida, we went to Pineapple's, a new restaurant that had opened up in Sarasota. Isn't that an adorable light? Made me think of Psych, too. :)

The menu is chock-full of Caribbean-inspired flavors, from mango to jerk chicken to sweet and spicy bbq. I opted for the mango-marinated chicken and veggie kabobs, thinking it would be tasty and maybe 2-3 cubes of chicken. Um..this sucker was HUGE. Big, ripe chunks of pineapple were between crisp peppers, grilled mushrooms, and tangy onions. I gave plenty to ABF and was still stuffed.

ABF ordered the cheeseburger that came with a slice of fresh pineapple AND spicy bbq sauce. This was even yummier than it looks! And yes, that slab o' something under the bacon is the super-sweet, fresh pineapple!

The whole reason I ordered the healthier dish was to save room and calories for dessert! I was in Florida and I wanted a slice of Key Lime pie! This pie, sadly, wasn't great. Good, not great. Then again, it's tough to come even closer after you've had the best key lime pie ever, I mean, EVER.

ABF opted for another sundae, and it was quite tasty. Yes, I had order envy yet again. Not a bad way to wrap up a sunny, delightful trip to Florida!

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