November 24, 2010

Cherry Pie

This Thanksgiving I made another cherry pie, though I hit a snag or two in my routine. Foodtown no longer carries the sour cherries I normally use. My only option? Pre-mixed pie filling. I didn't know if it tasted good, was sicky sweet, or anything, but time was ticking, so I had to go with it. Also? EIGHT DOLLARS A JAR! What?!?!

I tasted the filling before baking, and was relieved to find it wasn't overly sweet. It was a little thicker/gummier than I like, but there was corn starch in it (something I don't usually add)--I wasn't thrilled with it but it's what I had to work with that day!

I still added my own touches to the pie filling--the usual almond extract and a few splashes of lemon juice before dotting it with butter and putting the crust on it.

My top crust fell apart, so I opted to make a lattice-type crust by freehand (NOT CUTE). It was still tasty, but next year I think I'll stick with the usual double crust and make it work. :)

Somehow along the way I forgot to take a photo of the final product (again!) To be fair, I was also making pecan pie and sweet potato rolls.

ABF likes this even more another day or two or three after I baked it. This year the best I could do was bake it the night before Thanksgiving. Everyone said it was delicious, but I could definitely tell it wasn't as good as the usual pie I bring. Still, it wasn't bad..I just know I can do better!

1 comment:

Halcyon said...

I like the lattice crust. I think it looks nice. I wanted to make pumpkin pie this year, but no one else wanted any. So didn't want to eat it all myself. Although I could.

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